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Content is King.

This Louisiana native is a well-regarded one-woman-band,

technology geek, artist and the founder of Hot House Design LLC.

  • 20+yrs of professional design experience

  • 10+yrs of professional video producing 

  • Masters Degree in Visual Communications

Anna Rockhold

 We develop high-end brands from

concept to production and get them

into your customer's hands.



Key Collaborators (our special sauce!) Hot House Design, LLC, has developed an expansive collection of personal and professional relationships which allows us to scale from a one-person operation to a larger high-value production based on client needs. We have an impressive range of seasoned professionals available to work within even the smallest of budgets.


Production Crews are assembled to meet your production value. Anna regularly performs all production roles from pre-production on through to post-production. For larger budgets and higher production values trusted crew members are added such as boom operators, lighting designers, grips, make-up artists, carpenters, electricians, production assistants, coders and graphic designers.


Design and Advanced Tech from drone operation to Virtual Reality building, coding to
360 video production, user experience to 
motion graphics, Hot House Design, LLC is always actively involved in innovative approaches and techniques.


Voiceovers - Actors are hired through a well respected local agent who provides trained adult and child actors. We also have a multitude of dance, theater and movie actors available. We use professional talent available in a wide range of ages, accents, and styles. We have a 15-year relationship with a national voice talent company enabling us to give you the best prices and talent available.

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Creative Vision Guides Us

While Flexible Time-Saving Strategies Sustain Us.

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