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Carol A. Baskin-Kacer, LCSW, LMFT (Retired)

The purpose of this website is to provide access to former client records.  Ms. Baskin-Kacer was in private practice of psychotherapy in Slidell, LA from 12/7/1981 until 4/1/2019.  By state statute (see statute below) records must be retained for six years from the date of the last session with the client. If the patient was a child then the records are retained for six years past the age of majority, which in Louisiana is age seventeen.

If you wish to have your records sent to an agency, another therapist, social security disability, an attorney or any other professional entity please follow these directions:

  1. Fill out the form for consent to release information provided below.  It is    imperative that you provide a complete physical address, fax number and full identifying information to insure that your records are received by the entity you request.  Please be advised that if you participated in family or couple sessions everyone who attended the session MUST fill out a release form in order for records to be released.

  2.  Make a copy of your driver’s license to accompany the form.  This process is necessary to insure your confidentiality and prove you are the one requesting the records.  THIS PROCESS PROTECTS YOU.

  3. Email a copy of the signed and witnessed release form and copy of your license to

  4. You will receive a return email from the email address above confirming that your records have been sent.

State Statute:  46 La. Admin Code XXV. 111 (G) (1), Louisiana Revised Statute Ann. 5628 (A)

111. Practice Requirements ….G. Records
1. A social worker shall make and maintain records, written or electronic, of services provided to a client.  At a minimum, the records shall contain documentation of the assessment or diagnosis; documentation of a plan, documentation of any revision of the assessment or diagnosis or of the plan; any fees charged and other billing information; copies of all client authorization for release of information and any other legal forms pertaining to the client.  These records shall be maintained by the social worker or agency employing the social worker at least for a period of six years after the last date of service, or for the time period required by federal or state law, if longer.  In regards to a minor client, records must be kept six years after the client reaches majority.

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